I am a conservative libertarian (or, a conservatarian as Dana Loesch would put it). As you might guess, I think of minarchy as the ideal form of government.

Given how strongly I feel about politics, it shouldn’t be a surprise that my role models are mostly politicians and conservative intellectuals (you know like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, Jonah Goldberg, Dana Loesch, you get it).

Surprise surprise, I am also a vegan and strongly support animal rights. (Check my posts.) I think it’s a crucial issue irrespective of one’s location on the political spectrum.

I use this blog mostly to share my thoughts about politics, philosophy and law. I don’t blog much often, so you should probably be following me on Twitter to keep up — @Arpit_Chauhan.

You can see what sort of stuff I like to read here, but just to give you a hint: Consciousness Explained by Daniel Dennett, and The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene are my favorites.

Workwise, I am a software developer (Ruby on Rails and JavaScript developer, to be specific) and you can see what I have been up to at Github!


If you have any feedback to share or want to contact me, you can do so through this form.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Arpit! Thanks for following my blog. I admire your spirit of curiosity and openness — we need more of those two traits more than ever today! 🙂 I shall be looking forward to your posts.


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