Obama is re-elected. Phew!

Barack and Michelle Obama in Dubuque, Iowa
Barack and Michelle Obama in Dubuque, Iowa


Note: I have changed a lot actually. This post doesn’t represent my views anymore.

Nothing can be more consoling to me at the moment than Obama’s win. The Romney campaign made it very clear: there’s only one choice voters had if they wanted a nation which provides equal opportunities to women, to Hispanics; doesn’t discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation; doesn’t abruptly outlaw abortion and push the motto of individualism when the reality is that the less fortunate among us need our support.

If Romney had won this election, it would’ve meant the defeat of truth. As Kevin M. Ruse said in a New York Times Opinion piece, his campaign showed a fundamental disdain for truth and by winning he would’ve successfully demonstrated that a candidate can get away with lying, at the scale he did.  PolitiFact chronicled 19 “pants on fire” lies by him including distortions about Obama’s policies on Medicare and taxes. Moreover, the Republican party’s extremely conservative approach towards issues like abortion and climate change would’ve made the matter worse. Although, both the candidates tried to shy away from the topic of climate change, Romney was the one to deny it and say, “I love coal.” Obama might have evaded the topic to win votes among climate change skeptics, but his statement after winning the election makes his stance clear:

“We want our children to live in an America that isn’t burdened by debt, that isn’t weakened by inequality, that isn’t threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet.”

The nations need to combat climate change with agreed-upon and tough measures, instead of blaming it on one another or denying it altogether. In this respect, Obama’s re-election as the President of one of the top countries on greenhouse gas emission lists, is a good sign for the future.

I can rant incessantly about how the out-dated perspective of the GOP would’ve been gut-wrenching for our nation. We cannot afford to ignore those in need, by letting markets dictate their own will. An example of left-wing approach to solving healthcare problems is Obamacare, a piece of legislation that requires insurance companies to provide people with insurance at same rates regardless of pre-existing conditions or gender. Although, this requires people who are well-off to pay a tax to support this system, its benefits can hardly be overemphasized. Yet, Romney wanted to repeal it. The people in the European nations look at the US with surprise, as they already have such legislation in their countries. Also, abortion, gay marriage are not even issues to be pondered over there. In these respects, the GOP is more conservative and more on the right than almost any party in Europe. The fact that its candidate did not get in the Office, does not ever cease to be pleasant for a freethinking liberal like me.

There’s much to do. We need to shut down that detention camp in Guantánamo bay, need to revive the economy and a lot more. Wish Obama luck for #4moreyears.

The Guardian has a take on what Obama’s victory means for action on global warming.

The photograph of Barack and Michelle Obama was taken by Scout Tufankjian for Obama for America and available at Flickr. It was used here under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.